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"Hyah, everyone"

Hyah. That's how we say hello back in Wigan, UK, where I am originally from.

I guess it's quite apropo here in Colorado Cowboy Land too, because it's also how you call out to a horse...or a mule!

Anyway, in case you didn't realize, Badass Bandit is my little creation...and this community is my little offering to you.

You're welcome!

So no, I'm not American...I'm a British dog-loving cowgirl living in Norwood, just outside of Telluride, Colorado. I'm one of two actually! I met my new bestie out here as we were both shopping at Habitat for Humanity, which is a cool thrift store in Montrose.

Our first interaction was a bit 'Ab-Fab' : (that's a British comedy show for the young 'uns on here). It went something like this:

Location: The parking lot at the back of Habitat for Humanity

Ali: (in a cool London accent) "Excuse me sir, can you carry that huge 'Bass Ale' pub mirror over to my truck?"

Kate: (waiting for her stuff to arrive outside) "Oh you're British? Me too..."

Ali: "'re British? Where do you live?"

Kate: (coyly) "In a small town in the middle of nowhere. You probably haven't heard of it..."

Ali: "What's the name?"

Kate: "Norwood..."

Ali: (laughing out loud) "Norwood?" ... "You're right. It is in the middle of nowhere!"

Kate: (laughing too) "I told you..."

Ali: "I mean, I know...That's where I live!"

Kate: "What? No way!! You can't be serious? There's another Brit-chick in Norwood?"

Ali: "Yea, two girls in boots!" (referring to our cowboy boots)

Kate: "Well I never!"

Habitat dude: "Sorry lady, but the mirror won't fit in your truck."

Ali: (rather deflated) "Oh no...did you try it the other way?"

Habitat dude: "Sorry lady..."

Kate: "Don't worry. I can take it... I just rented a Uhaul truck."

Ali: "Really? But I just met you...can I... are you sure?"

Kate: "Yes, ofcourse! ...I'm not a thief. You can trust me. I'm from Wigan!

Ali: "Thank God, I thought you were a Scouser for a minute!"

We both burst out laughing and that was how it all started...

Actually, it could have gone much worse between a Northerner and a Southerner. When you get a chance, take look at this:-)

Kate & Allie

Is our life the modern version of Kate and Allie, the 1980's sitcom? Not really...but last month I read on Variety, that NBC has ordered a pilot - a reboot of the famous 80's sitcom, Kate & Allie!

Variety says: "The updated series ...follows two best friends raising their kids together in one household. They are like sister wives, only they don’t have to pretend to love the same man with bad hair. Through their unconventional arrangement, the two prove romance isn’t necessary to be a successful woman and mother."

Ali (with one L) thinks we are more like Thelma and Louise.

That's cool with me, especially as one of the final scenes from Thelma and Louise was shot near here, in Bedrock, Colorado.

It was where Louise - played by the incredible Susan Sarandon - says: "Well, we're not in the middle of nowhere, but we can see it from here." .... just before they drove off the cliff!

PS: Ali wants to be the pretty one. I think she means Thelma, played by Geena Davis, although Louise a.k.a Susan Sarandon is badass too 😉

So, you might be wondering why I called this Badass Bandit?

Here's the short version of what happened. In January 2020, we were invited to come out to Western CO to start a healing retreat and grow Hemp and other Medicinal Herbs. After packing up and moving from California, plans for the healing retreat fell through so we focused on the opportunity to grow hemp. The industry is very nacent, there are a lot of dubious characters, and a global pandemic had just hit us like a freight train. As such, 2020 turned out to be full of landmines for us, and for everyone we knew. By the end of 2020 I was exhausted, emotionally and mentally bruised. Then in December, after a long road-trip, my hubby and I got Covid-19. Here's the good news. I got over it in 3 days and he was over it in just 1.5 days! Of couse we'll share with you how we dealt with it.

Our worlds have been turned upsidedown!

We realize it's not that easy or painless for everyone, and right now we're witnessing how the global lock-down has a ripple effect causing a plethora of issues for people from financial to societal, and from physiological to physchological. Our worlds have been turned upsidedown! Kids are have lost touch with their school friends; college students have lost their college life-style; office workers are having to work from home with their kids studying in the next room; and MOMS have taken on so many more repsonsibilities; they are having to be the teacher, the nurse, the cook, the driver, the online shopper... all while keeping down their jobs!

Wow! You are all Badasses!

So in my eyes, if you survived 2020, you are a Badass!

I'm guessing you probably need to take the edge off, relax and get a good nights' sleep? That's what Badass Bandit is here for.


Kate - a.k.a "Bandita" 🤠

Kate Rolston

Kate Rolston

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