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Musings on the teachings of Ram Dass

In the last quarter of 2020, while the world was reeling from the global pandemic, I was also experiencing my own heartbreak and grief: a major business disappointment after we had invested both funds and massive physical and mental effort - it was an experience that was hurtful and seemed so unjust. What I didn't realize until now, is that what was happening was not regular business, but Soul Business.

As I was reeling in pain, feeling weak and losing sleep, I started to seek understanding everywhere in books, new teachers, and websites. I was reminded about Gaia TV when my sister sent me an email saying that Gaia was hiring content producers. The hemp industry is riddled with difficulties that other small businesses don’t have to deal with: issues with banking, advertising, blurry regulations and lots of dubious characters. So yes, I was considering 'closing shop'. I read the job description, and given my situation, I thought that a job at Gaia sounded like a great idea, especially since I am an award-winning TV producer, I’m devoted to the enhancement of mind-body and soul, and I love what Gaia stands for.

Some of the prerequisites for the job were that you had to be a paying member for at least 4 weeks and you had to be able to discuss the programs you watch and like. That's not all. You also had to make a video to get an interview. I thought, "Oh wow, they are serious about finding someone who is really aligned and 'gets' them. Cool". So I became a member, watched a bunch of shows - which I really enjoyed - and consequently, I learned a lot. In fact, joining Gaia was very rewarding, and got me back on my Path. (I posted the video below)

The first reward I got from doing all of this research, was that I was reminded of my Path and my Purpose. I already knew that I'm here to help others awaken, while I too, am awakening. You see I've always been called, "Curious Kate". Even when I was a little girl, I was annoyingly curious: "Daddy, why is the sky blue?", "Mummy, how did Jesus move that huge boulder? And to my big sister, as we lay in bed, "Annette, how are babies made?" :-)

My curiosity about health, life, the universe and spirituality has never waned. At the moment, especially with so much going on in the universe, I am passionate to learn about more about self-healing, life after death, spiritual enlightenment, unconditional love and finding BLISS.

Today, I make time every day to dig deeper, to contemplate, but also to switch OFF my mind, to sit in the QUIET and just listen.

A Gaia series I love is The Teachings of Ram Dass and episode 4 is called Soul Business.

In this episode, Ram Dass Says:

"Expect Your Heart To Open and Close Like an Accordion"

His statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that during the aforementioned 'Massive Effort' I had put in to the business, that my heart was wide open, but after experiencing the Disappointment, my heart had closed shut.

Ram Dass continues:

It's very clear to me, that the Shadow is the greatest teacher of how to come to the Light...and that Suffering when it comes along, always turns out to be Grace."

Wait, what? Oh....I need to see the Grace in it all. I believe in God and understand Source so why am I losing sleep? Why is this so painful?

Ram Dass continues: "So when it becomes unbearable...change the person who can't bear it.

Do what you do with another being, but never put them out of your heart. You can say, "No" to someone, you can oppose them, you can do what is within your role in Dharma that you need to do.

But if it involves closing your heart you can't afford it.

And to keep your heart really open with another being, it really is, 'Soul Business.' "

I had to re-assess. I refuse to live with my heart closed, especially if it comes at such a cost.

"Every time I forget I'm dealing with another SOUL, I get caught up in the dance of Roles that WE AS EGOS are in.

My heart, I can feel it close and it hurts so bad,

It's like cutting you off from your Life's like, 'I deaden into righteousness'.

'But I was Right! This person's BAD!'

BUT YOU ARE PAYING THE PRICE. Isn't that Bizarre?" Ram Dass added.

I don't know about you, but this really affected me. I realized that I was paying the price.

In every situation, regardless of how difficult, there is a gift and now I see that my 'Business' really is a Soul Business.

So no, I didn’t go to work at Gaia, but she, “Mother Earth” served as a catalyst for M3 Life Sciences to transform into its next phase, Badass Bandit.

But Why Badass And Why Bandit?

I realized that everyone who survived 2020 has dealt with insurmountable challenges. Whether because of COVID, the lock-down, the election, the divisiveness, the prejudices, the cancel culture, or mental health issues caused by isolation - for one reason or another, we ALL went through painful struggles and transformation. At times if seemed too much to handle. But we dug deep, found our inner power and that’s what I call, BADASS.

The term Bandit relates to the mask-wearing, and that we need to “steal back“ our health sovereignty.

Badass Bandit honors the badass in all of us.

Badass Bandit will endeavor to bring you cutting edge articles, blogs and PODCASTS with experts, thought-leaders and real folk who have first-hand experiences to share, where we will ask the important questions, dive deeper into TRUTH, and learn what we can do to elevate our consciousness... and dare I say, TRANSCEND!

We Can No Longer Rely on the Media.

I used to work in the media. In fact, I built a company called Real Savvy Media. Our content aired on our platform, ‘Real Savvy Moms‘ but our TV series aired on PBS, so we had to uphold their stringent values, rules and regulations, which were much stricter than other mass media outlets. We pushed boundaries, brought fresh ideas and challenged the status quo, all while keeping journalistic integrity. We did our homework, cited our sources and gave alternative solutions to issues. We won 33 awards for our content, and a Webby for the website.

In 2011 we sold RSM brand to Disney. Ten years has passed, and I am shocked with the way that main stream media is now portraying things, and what they choose to cover and what they leave out. What is newsworthy only seems to be about how many eye-balls they can attract and who's seeing the network's advertising. If someone has an opposing opinion, even when well researched and articulated, they can get cancelled from platforms that were built on the backs of its users! (I myself have been told I'm not an expert so shouldn't be commenting on things and I had my Facebook business account shut down, because of CBD skincare!)

How is these a good/honest/intelligent ways to choose what makes the news or in my case what can appear on our social media?

The sensationalism, bias and pushing of agendas is far too obvious so we have decided to create our own platform: not for news media, but a safe place to engage in dialogue about world events, and how that effects you, your family and your community and how to not just survive, but THRIVE.

We at Badass Bandit do not agree with the Sensationalism. Nor the Cancel Culture. Nor do we agree with banning people's voices. We believe in the freedom of speech. We believe in TRUTH, fairness and we believe in Critical THINKING.

We also understand that the more you KNOW, the more there is to know. You realize that learning is infinite.... and 'Gnosis' comes in many forms. One very effective way to tap into your INNER GURU, is being able to QUIET the mind.

Thank Goodness that alongside all of these events there is GLOBAL AWAKENING. People are opening up to new concepts and using new ways to expand their minds and consciousness. Meditations, especially guided meditations by skillful teachers, like Nigel Taylor, who offer a great way to be able to answer questions, by enabling you to heal areas where you may be holding onto trauma, shadows or negative beliefs. This also enables you to tap into different states - such as Alpha and Theta - where the “monkey mind“ is turned off and you can access deep calmness and “universal knowledge“ to gain fresh perspectives.

So together, we will investigate Science, Ancient Wisdom, Traditional Medicine, Alternative Healing, Psychology and Meta-physics.

We live in a time of chaos, combined with mass amounts of information and dis-information coming at us, and its confounded by powers trying to divide and control us. Humans need community, 'Community is the Guru of the Future' yet we are all being isolated!

We will endeavor to be there for you as your community, as we all go through our Awakening.

So I am coming back to my path. I love helping people open up to reveal their gems and pearls of wisdom that all of us hold inside. These are the real “precious gems” as they are gifts that can help others awaken too. We are all here to awaken and transcend.

(BY THE WAY, if you are interested in being interviewed on our podcast, email )

All you have to do to access this invaluable content, is become a member. We promise to keep it free as long as we can. Which is why we have a shop where you can get premium “hemp and wellness” products to help with stress, anxiety, pain and sleep.

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Thank you for registering and I look forward to seeing you here for our podcast series...

Yours truly,

Kate Rolston a.k.a Bandita

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