Resilience in a Time of Upheaval

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

As we approach the Spring Equinox

At this auspicious moment in time, 3/21 at 3:21pm, and as we approach the Spring Equinox, we are launching Badass Bandit our premium CBG line made with Hemp grown organically in the USA.

A fitting moment for CBGezus’ first blog; whose theme is resilience, something I we have seen in both the hemp plants that we grew this last year, but it’s also about the resilience in all of us.

Hemp generously provides us with her amazing gifts that benefit humans, animals and the planet simultaneously while being extremely resilient. How does she do it?

When the baby plants, called ‘starts’, first arrived from the greenhouse they were tall and lanky. We noticed the roots were bound up in the tiny cells. Since it was getting late in the planting season we had to make a decision: send them back and risk missing the critical window or plant them as they were. We decided to plant them and see how they did. It took us 5 days planting with a team of 8 and a tractor with a planting wheel making holes every 2 feet and pouring in a special formula for planting.

The first week after planting, we were hit with a crazy wind storm with 90 mph winds. I was sure the plants would be badly damaged, if not ruined. They all took a battering. A portion of them were ruined, some bent right over on their sides. Our seed partner kindly provided replacements which we now had to hand-plant individually. In the end, instead of having 35,000 plants we ended up with around 25,000. Still it was plenty to run our first commercial scale grow.

As I surveyed the hemp plants, I was amazed by their resilience. Even though they were fed some very special OMRI certified nutrients and with water and in top soil that was thoroughly analyzed, I was impressed with their ability to adapt. The winds throughout the summer were the main obstacle; not only were they very strong but they carried in pests like leaf-hoppers that carried viruses and aphids that produced their own challenges because we were taking an organic approach and working in tandem with nature. We didn’t even have a fence to stop the deer from walking through (which ended up not being a problem at all!). When the plants were fully mature, they created an 6 foot forest - which at dusk became a playground wild animals.

But the winds also brought in swarms of ladybugs which ate the aphids and their viruses were confined to weak plants but if we weren’t working in concert with nature and using seed starts instead of clones, then a virus could have easily wiped out the entire crop. But, as I cared for the plants, what amazed me the most, was their resilience to pests, to wind, to root-bound twisted roots. And despite all of those deterrents, it kept on growing, it kept on coming back, it kept on adapting to its circumstances! In the end it produced some of the most beautiful flower I have ever seen, a potpourri of yellows, pinks, salmons and rose colors!

Even if the hemp got bent over and the stem broke, it simply grew horizontally for a while until the break healed over, and it could pick itself back up and grow towards the sky. Another beautiful thing to witness was the way the plants supported each other while providing each its own space - they supported but did not interfere!

These were some incredible things to watch - I absolutely loved being out there every day from early morning until late into the evening. It truly was a labor of love. I walked through my fields and proclaimed that that their resilience would become their ‘gifts’ in each and every plant. It really is Badass Hemp.

This very same resilience is in each and everyone one of us, no matter what challenges we face we can over come them. This ability is in all of us and it’s our privilege to tap in to it. We have the ability to weather the storms, the lockdowns and the de-humanizing face-masks. We have the power to take charge of our own health and not to put it in the hands of a third party like Big Pharma only disempowers us and starts us down a path of draining the vitality out of our bodies by masking the problems while simply trading one set of symptoms for another.

Do you know how important your Endo-Cannabinoid System is? Do you know that the ECS regulates every other system in your body always signaling those systems to go back into balance, back into homeostasis? Do you know that you produce your own cannabinoids? Do you know that this ECS exists in all vertebrates and has existed for over 600 million years - well before the hemp plant ever existed?

Be Empowered, Become your Badass Self Today!


Why grow CBG? Because it is the “Stem Cell” cannabinoid; as all other lines of cannabinoids come from this progenitor. The lines are CBD, CBC & THC and when a plant is bred to be a high-producing CBG strain, it prevents it from producing THC - when our hemp was tested it had produced non-detectable levels of THC.

CBG is also unique, in that it may fully activate the human endo-cannabinoid system in ways that THC and CBD do not. It attaches to the CB1 receptors in our CNS, just like THC does, but CBG does not intoxicate you. It also seemingly fully attaches to the CB2 receptors in our organs, gut (immune system) and skin, in a way that CBD doesn’t.

In our opinion, it is the cannabinoid of the future.

We chose to grow Cannibigerol (CBG) as it is where my moniker comes from!

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