Budding New Life - EARTH DAY 2021

The Power Of the Flower.

Are you enjoying this "oh, so special" spring season, with its gorgeous weather, fresh fragrances and colors? Complimented by the activity of all sorts of fun animals and insects, Spring has always been my favorite season! Let's honor the rebirth this Earth Day!

For most of the winter while building this site, I've had the pleasure of working out of Lone Cone Library, in Norwood, Co and I feel so grateful to all the wonderful staff there who have made me feel so welcome. It's such a beautiful building with tremendous resources, and I get to look out of the huge windows and witness the snow melt on Lone Cone Mountain as the seasons change! I saw a huge herd of deer up at Mira Monte Lake and hundreds of species of birds swooping down to look for seeds to eat. Everything is springing to life!

It makes my Soul Smile as Spring is so full of Potential!

This potential is encoded as a blue-print within every seed, that is activated when we carefully plant, water and nurture.

It's a hyper intelligent blue-print too! It communicates with the birds and bees telling them it's time to come out and find their favorite plants to pollinate.

Animals wake up from a winter of hibernation. And this year, spring feels extra special as we humans get to go outside after the long, dark global lock-down! Ahhh, FRESH AIR!

This Earth Day 2021, remember what it felt like to be locked down. Remember at the start of lock down how wild animals were seen coming back in to suburban and even urban areas.

Remember how much you craved getting outside in to Nature - your new safe place!

Earth Day, please remember how precious our planet is and make a commitment to act.

If you don't know where to start, we created a Special Earth Day Page with education, tips and how you can vote with your wallet!

Next time you step out in to nature, be mindful. Take in all the new life, that's magically emerging. Notice the bouquet of smells, the color palettes and the symphony of sounds!

This year, why not plant your own garden or make pots on your deck, and watch the bulbs emerge as they push up their little heads - then the colorful buds and petals start to bloom.

Engage all your senses. Touch them and talk to them.

Take off your mask and smell the scents! You need the fresh air!

Spring is when Magic happens, and we see the majesty of Mother Nature!

I want you to notice that we too have seeds inside us. They are seeds of infinite potential. They are Mother Nature's gifts to you, so that you can realize your purpose.

Do not forget who you are. Do not allow negative, limiting beliefs about yourself to fester.

Say out loud: "I am kind, I am strong, I am LOVE!"

You are strong, you are beautiful, you are like the SEED ...FULL OF POTENTIAL!

FEEL THE POWER IN THE FLOWER! It's time to restore. It's time to plant. It's time to start your manifestation.

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