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Badass Bandit CBD Pre-Rolls Q&A

What's The Difference Between CBD and CBG prerolls?

Both are therapeutic, but some people like to say "CBD 4 Healin' and CBG 4 Chillin." Both are ready made, convenient and act fast. 


Do they both have Terpenes?

Yes. Because Matterhorn CBG plants can stay in the ground longer than CBD plants, it enables the flowers to be more potent in cannabinoids and Terpenes. Having said that, we chose this batch of Special Sauce CBD as it was grown by a local boutique farm, has very nice Terpenes profile and in focus groups, some people prefered the flavor over the CBG.
The Buds or flowers from Special Sauce are denser and pungent, offering a bouquet of aromas;  Woody, pine, berry and chamomile.

Is there any THC?

Legally, hemp must contain 0.3% THC or less. The THC in the CBG is Non-Detectable. That means THC did not show up on lab tests! There are traces of THC in Special Sauce, which is within the legal limits.

What Will I Feel Smoking Hemp?

Users of our products have indicated that they feel fast relief from anxiety, stress and many report better Sleep.

CBD is know for its anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and pain relieving benefits, but can help with many other ailments too, that we are not allowed to discuss. Do a search for CBD studies to learn more.

Will I Get High?

No. Many people enjoy smoking hemp during their day’s work, as it will not affect your ability to operate. Some users say CBD helped them to relax, and other say they like to smoke then do a work out.

*Bandita says: "It helps to stop the chatter in my head." ;-)

What Rolling Papers do you use?

Our pre-rolls are made with organic hemp paper from the RAW company. This has an earthy taste and has no chemicals.  Each pre-roll comes in a re-usable glass tube with a cork stopper.

*Bandita says: "Reuse the tube later to store other small items or add a wild flower." ;-)


Do you use Ecological Packaging?

Badass Bandit believes in re-using and recycling. Our lids are made from cork. We use food-grade reusable glass tubes and our shipping boxes and stuffing are made from recycled corrugated cardboard and recycled paper. 

Any Tips before I Try a PreRoll?

Yes.  We recommend you cut off the 'nib' at the end of the pre roll before you light it. 

Why? In keeping with our sustainability focus, we used hemp king sized cones from RAW for the pre rolls. These add to the hemp flavor but also burn differently than regular paper. The hemp seems to produce more smoke and ash.