What happens when a Media Maven

meets the Health Food Dude?

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Passion & Purpose Collide

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She was the 'British Media Maven' living in NYC and he was the 'Ivy-league Health Food Dude' living in rural NJ. When their worlds collided, her passion for storytelling and his passion for Mother Nature sparked a 20-year journey of discovery. Their purpose became sharing what they discovered with the world.

Traveling Girl


Our life experiences, opinions and curiosity surrounding health and wellness led to an even deeper search for the Truth: a curiosity still driving us today.


Devouring a library of books, documentaries and lessons from great Sages, inspired our travels to Europe, South America and India leading us to Herbal Lore, Native Traditions and Ancient Wisdom. 


What we ultimately found is that we have been kept in the dark about a great secret: that every human has the ability to heal themselves, but we have just forgotten how.

"Every human has the ability to heal themselves,
but we have just forgotten how"

What we also discovered, is that Mother Nature - in her Divine wisdom - has left us gifts that trigger the memory of self-healing.

Those triggers can come in a variety of forms such as trace minerals, certain sound or light frequencies, and blessings expressed through a variety of precious plants.

Triggers can also be accessed through healing touch, breath work and meditation.

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We have used this knowledge to help others heal from Opioid Addiction, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Eating disorders, Mental Health issues and more...

We also used this knowledge to remain young and healthy but we were also able heal ourselves from a variety things:

a fractured shoulder,

a broken foot,

lime disease,

polycystic ovary syndrome....


and more recently, COVID-19.

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Consequently, I have also become a huge advocate for natural solutions, energy medicine and plant medicine.


But I wasn't an early adopter of Cannabis. In fact, quite the opposite. I had been indoctrinated to believe that it's a harmful drug.


It wasn't until I witnessed Kyle helping others use cannabinoids - the medicinal compounds from the cannabis plant -  that I realized cannabinoids are powerful way to stimulate your "inner healer."

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One of the most significant discoveries in the 20th century was the discovery of the Human EndoCannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a system of receptors that are specifically for interacting with cannabinoids,  which signal our bodies to go back to Homeostasis, or balance.

Most interestingly, these cannabinoids can either be made by our own body (endogenous cannabinoids) or derived from the cannabis plant (phyto-cannabinoids) like CBD, CBG, and traces of CBC, all found in our hemp products.

When I learned that the ESC is such a critical system that it helps to control all the other systems in our bodies - like the endocrine system, the Central Nervous System and the immune system - it blew my mind.

It also triggered a bunch of questions:

  • Why haven't we been told about this? 

  • Why was such a useful plant made illegal?

  • Why do so many of our Veterans swear by it?
  • Why don't doctors learn about it in Medical School? 

  • Why have we been lied to about the benefits of cannabis?

  • If we produce our own cannabinoids, why do we need cannabis?
  • Can I get cannabinoids from Hemp as well as Cannabis?
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When anxiety became the #1 mental health issue in the world, I knew we had to make a line of high-quality Anti-Anxiety Wellness products for the people.

We created and launched Badass Bandit with a collection of  Premium Hemp Flower in glass jars and CBD and CBG Hemp Pre-Rolls in lovely glass tubes.  Now we have added a line full spectrum organic tinctures and phenomenal, luxury Skin Care. We also have a revolutionary Pain Product called HEMPQUELL   which has a patented ingredient approved by the FDA,  but which also has many more incredible uses being researched.

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We made it our mission to educate the world about the virtues of this healing plant, and it's our passion to empower you to ignite your inner healer.

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