has your health been

its time to take it back
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STRESS, ANXIETY and SLEEP LOSS - as well as other STRESSORS caused by a year of lock-down, can seriously damage your HEALTH & WELLNESS.

                 Do not fear!   Badass bandit is here! 


Cannabinoids are Mother Nature's way of taking you back to balance and calm.

If you are looking to buy CBD or CBG products you've come to the right place. We sell premium, organic CBD and CBG hemp products, hand-crafted by local Artisans and third-party tested for purity and safety. Check out our store and don't forget to subscribe for news, special offers and savings!


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T. 970-275-3032

PO Box 142,

CO 81423




Did you know that CBD & CBG companies can't promote or advertise there products yet?

We have to rely on the kindness of our followers to share our posts organically.

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